Chapter 9: Emerging Technologies in Creative Applications

Pages Title and author(s)
391 - 408Title: Free cloud storage service: an online data-sharing solution for small-to-medium size construction companies in Thailand
Teewara Suwan, Mizi Fan, Nuhu Braimah
409 - 417Title: The challenges and solution in the reservation of digital heritage
Richard Yu-Chang Li, Alan Wee-Chung Liew
418 - 426Title: Investigation of peer-to-peer botnet using TCP control packets and data mining techniques
Mohammad Aluthaman, Nauman Aslam, M.A. Hossain, Rafe Alasem
427 - 436Title: Methodology of implementation of a QSE integrated management system
Bennouna Fatima, Sekhari Aicha, Amegouz Driss
437 - 442Title: ABC taxonomy of student waste cost in affiliated universities of Thailand
Poonyanuch Sompat, Acrapol Nimmonrat, Paipan Thanalerdsopit
443 - 454Title: Context-aware service discovering system for nomad users
Pathathai Na-Lumpoon, Mu Lei, Isaac Caicedo-Castro, Marie-Christine Fauvet, Ahmed Lbath
455 - 462Title: Prioritization technique for learning cloud services
Apitchaka Singjai, Pradorn Sureephong
463 - 472Title: An investigation of RFID performance in refrigerator for IoT applications
Supara Grudpan, Noppon Choosri