Chapter 3: Intelligent Systems

Pages Title and author(s)
81 - 90Title: A new intelligent foreign exchange rate prediction scheme for the Central Bank of Vietnam
Hiep Hoang, Alamgir Hossain
91 - 98Title: A mobile enabled intelligent scheme to identify blood cancer for remote areas - cell membrane segmentation using marker controlled watershed segmentation phase
W. Srisukkham, P. Lepcha, M.A. Hossain, L. Zhang, R. Jiang, H.N. Lim
99 - 105Title: Artificial intelligence in automatic ventilation therapy using open lung concept
Anake Pomprapa, Burkhard Lachmann, Philipp Pickerodt, David Schwaiberger, Steffen Leonhardt
106 - 115Title: Ontology construction for diabetes classification
Tahani Hussein Abu Musa, Sebti Foufou