Proceedings of the International Conference on
Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2013)
Advanced Technology Solutions and Applications in Higher Education and Enterprises


This book contains a collection of papers from the International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2013) held in ChiangMai, Thailand, during the 18–20th January 2013. The theme of the conference focused on the management of Software, Knowledge and Information in a wide range of applications which are currently of interests and have immediate practical benefits. These areas have recently been hot topics with great academic interests and commercial applications. Software management provides software developers of an organization with the information they need to master their software engineering strategies. Knowledge management includes the formalisation of the process of creating, capturing, and using knowledge to enhance organizational performance by optimizing the effective application of intellectual capital. Information management is the provision of relevant information to the right person at the right time in a usable form to facilitate the decision making process. Information management includes intelligent formation systems to collect, process, store, display, and disseminate information. Information and knowledge are assets to an organization. Their management is crucial for the strategic use of information and knowledge resources to the organization’s best advantage. Beyond its scientific aspects, bringing together scholars, researchers and practitioners to share three days of stimulating and extensive exchange, SKIMA also provided an exciting opportunity to investigate the positive side of the current globalization, which is giving an international dimension to all aspects of our lives, communities, and professions. Many participants in SKIMA activities are also partners within some successful Erasmus-Mundus programs (E-Link, Sustainable eTourism, cLink, FUSION…) and FP7 EU projects (EASY-IMP Intelligent products in the cloud, FITMAN Internet of Things un manufacturing…) and know how international mobility is in the heart of the internationalization of higher education. We take the opportunity here to greatly thank all these programs for their great help and dedication, and to express our gratitude to the European Union for its support and care. The conference also included keynote talks on the technical and management aspects. On behalf of the SKIMA conference network, we thank all the authors, reviewers, conference program committee members for their help and support in achieving a great conference. Abdelaziz Bouras Keshav Dahal Yacine Ouzrout Pitipong Yodmongkol Napaporn Reeveerakul (Editors)