International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IJISE)

International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering

2015 Vol.19 No.3

Pages Title and author(s)
277-293Types of connections between plant location selection and the long term corporate level value creation and methods for their identification. Case study; the pulp and paper industry
Vesa Karvonen; Eeva Jernström; Andrzej Kraslawski
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068197
294-310Simulation modelling of call flow process delays in a cellular network
N.S. Narahari; K.N. Subramanya; Ramaa Anantha Murthy
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068196
311-325Modelling a remanufacturing reverse logistics system using fuzzy stochastic Petri net
Junyan Wang; Xiaozhong Li; Guoli Wang; Ziping Du
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068198
326-347An integrated approach for defining bicycle design factors with consideration of gender differences
Chang-Hsien Hsu; Liang-Yuh Ouyang; Chun-Ming Yang
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068199
348-363Solution algorithms for the project selection and scheduling problem with resource constraints and time dependent returns
Pezhman Ghahremani; Bahman Naderi
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068200
364-388Closed form models for dwell point locations in a multi-aisle automated storage and retrieval system
Trevor S. Hale; Michael E. Hanna; Faizul Huq; Adrian Gil
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068202
389-406A hybrid approach using ISM and modified TOPSIS for the evaluation of flexibility in FMS
Vineet Jain; Tilak Raj
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068201
407-421Reliability optimisation by genetic algorithm using stand-by components
Sayyed Faridoddin Afzali; Davood Rashtchian
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068203
422-432Canonical form of partial decision list
Hao Shao; Rui Xu; Feng Tao
DOI: 10.1504/IJISE.2015.068225