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International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IJISE)

International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Achieving lean through value stream mapping with constraint programming and simulation technique for complex production systemsShyamal Samant; Ravi PrakashVol.37 No.1119-148Free access
Fixed and flexible shape facility layout problems using biogeography-based optimisation algorithmSupriya Ingole; Dinesh SinghVol.37 No.184-118Free access
Blast testing and numerical simulation analysis of diversion tunnel upper section for Qianping reservoirWen-liang Ma; Qiu-gui Yang; Guang-yao ZhangVol.37 No.170-83Free access
Implementation of OEEML in beverage bottling production line: a case study of Pakistan beverage industryDanaish; Ren Zong-Jin; Shehdev Akhani; Muhammad Ayaz AkbarVol.37 No.146-69Free access
Development of an optimisation model for unequal-area facility layout problemsTanveer Hossain Bhuiyan; Sarah Harun; Abdullahil AzeemVol.37 No.127-45Free access
A simulation model of container terminals. The Port of Valencia case studyIñigo L. Ansorena; Vicente Negro ValdecantosVol.37 No.115-26Free access
Performability modelling and decision-making regarding maintenance priorities for power generation system of a typical thermal power plantSubhash Malik; Puran Chand TewariVol.37 No.11-14Free access