International Journal of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Applications

Editor in Chief: Dr. P.K. Tewari
ISSN online: 1743-4947
ISSN print: 1743-4939


In September 2017 IJNHPA merged with the International Journal of Nuclear Desalination (IJND) to form the International Journal of Nuclear Exergy (IJNEx)


IJNHPA offers the latest experimental and analytical results, economic and policy assessments, and technology innovations related to nuclear energy's role in an expanding hydrogen economy. Although nuclear technology will play its most significant role in hydrogen production, knowledge of hydrogen transportation, storage and end use is necessary to understand the context in which nuclear energy will contribute to different hydrogen markets. IJNHPA takes a broad approach in presenting latest thinking in the science, economics, and environmental impacts of nuclear-generated hydrogen.


 Topics covered include

  • Electrolysis
  • Chemical cycles
  • Other hydrogen production methods
  • R&D programmes
  • Applications of nuclear energy for hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen storage, transmission, distribution and delivery
  • Design/economy of hydrogen nuclear production systems
  • Coupling nuclear reactor/hydrogen production modules
  • Environmental/safety considerations, safeguards, physical security
  • Hydrogen markets
  • Quality assurance
  • Public attitudes/acceptance
  • Role of hydrogen in sustainable development

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The objectives of IJHPA are to establish an effective channel of communication between professionals, policy makers, government agencies, academia and research institutions concerned with nuclear production of hydrogen and its applications. It also aims to provide authoritative, reliable information on hydrogen production and next generation technologies, economics, strategies and resources to industry and governments for use in policy analyses and decision making, including the contribution of nuclear hydrogen to sustainable development.

The international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating technological and ecological change and changes in the global economy.


  • Promotes the exchange of hydrogen production science and technology information
  • Promotes the intelligent application of hydrogen
  • Promotes international research and development cooperation
  • Supports nuclear power as a long-term option for hydrogen production in a competitive hydrogen economy
  • Helps in identifying technologies and resources available to address issues related to nuclear-generated hydrogen
  • Assesses the conditions and constraints related to nuclear power’s contribution to a growing hydrogen economy, including those tied to environmental objectives
  • Maintains information on the economic aspects of potential hydrogen markets


Professionals, academics, researchers and policy makers


IJNHPA publishes high quality papers relevant to hydrogen nuclear production technologies and applications, and closely related aspects of science, technology, engineering and policy analysis. Both original research and critical review papers covering experimental, theoretical, and computational issue are welcome. When outstanding new advances are made, or when new areas have been developed to a definitive stage, special review articles will be considered.

A fair balance will be sought between:

  • Special issues addressing specific topics, and
  • Issues blending articles addressing several topics.



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Vol 3. No.1 was the last issue.
In 2017 IJNHPA merged to form
the International Journal of
Nuclear Exergy


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Editorial Board up to latest published issue 2016, Vol. 3 No.1

    Honorary Editor

  • Maïsseu, André, WONUC, France

    Editor in Chief

  • Tewari, P.K., Homi Bhabha National Institute, India

Editorial Board Members

  • Alleau, Thierry, AFH2 - Association Française de l’Hydrogène, France
  • Barbir, Frano, University of Split, Croatia
  • Bououdina, Mohamed, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
  • Dincer, Ibrahim, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada
  • Fernandes, Rei, IST - Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Glukhova, Zhanna, Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
  • Golovko, Vladislav F., OKB Mechanical Engineering, Russian Federation
  • Goltsov, Victor, Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
  • Goltsova, Lyudmila, Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
  • Grigoriev, Sergey, Hydrogen Energy and Plasma Technology Institute of Russian Research Center, Russian Federation
  • Haklidir, Mehmet, TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Turkey
  • Hayashi, Yasunori, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Hori, Masao, Nuclear Systems Association, Japan
  • Irvine, John T.S., University of St Andrews, UK
  • Javed, Mohammad Siddiq, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA), Pakistan
  • Kawamura, Hirotaka, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), Japan
  • Lahoda, Ed, Westinghouse Science and Technology Department, USA
  • Marchetti, Cesare, IIASA, Austria
  • Priesmeyer, Hans Georg, Universitat Kiel, Germany
  • Principi, Giovanni, Settore Materiali and CNISM, Italy
  • Prosini, Pier Paolo, Centro Ricerche Casaccia, Italy
  • Rahier, A., Association Vinçotte Nuclear (AVN), Belgium
  • Ruoppolo, Giovanna, Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione IRC- CNR, Italy
  • Rybalka, Sergey, Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine
  • Sørensen, Bent, Roskilde University, Denmark
  • Sahin, Sumer, Gazi Universitesi, Turkey
  • Schiller, Robert, Atomic Energy Research Institute, Hungary
  • Sierens, Roger, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Tashimo, Masanori, Okusawa 4-7-13, Japan
  • Vajeeston, Ponniah, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Vastchenko, Svetlana, The Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research - Sosny, Belarus
  • Verfondern, Karl, Juelich Institute for Safety Research and Reactor Technology (ISR), Germany
  • Vilemas, Jurgis, Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania
  • Werkoff, François, Association Française de L'Hydrogène (AFH2), France
  • Xu, Jingming, Tsinghua University, China
  • Yamaura, Shin-ichi, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Yildiz, Bilge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Züttel, Andreas, University of Fribourg, Switzerland


In September 2017 the International Journal of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Applications merged with the International Journal of Nuclear Desalination to form the International Journal of Nuclear Exergy (IJNEx)