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International Journal of Structural Engineering (IJStructE)

International Journal of Structural Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Optimal arrangement for an efficient scaffold support systemBilal El-Ariss; Essam ZaneldinVol.7 No.189-125Free access
Enhanced external progressive collapse mitigation scheme for RC structuresSaid Elkholy; Bilal El-ArissVol.7 No.163-88Free access
Analysis of the magnetic field for MR damper working in shear modeTitikshya Biswal; Lokavarapu Bhaskara RaoVol.7 No.148-62Free access
A new criterion for considering soil-structure interaction on analysis of moment framesElham Ghanbari; Ali GhanbariVol.7 No.131-47Free access
Structural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams containing a novel lightweight aggregateBengin Masih Awdel Herki; Jamal M. KhatibVol.7 No.11-30Free access