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International Journal of Services and Standards (IJSS)

International Journal of Services and Standards

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The product, the mind and the heart of crowdfunding: the effect of signals on technology projectsRuben Ceballos; Wanrong Hou; Edward Levitas; Sherrell Mitchell PriceVol.12 No.179-99Free access
R&D intensity and firm valuation: effect of director and manager incentivesJang-Shee Barry Lin; Chunhui LiuVol.12 No.164-78Free access
The impact of banks adoption of multi-channels mix on the internet banking service encounter quality: the case of Arab Middle East regionYazan Khalid Abed-Allah Migdadi; Ola Maher Al. OmaryVol.12 No.147-63Free access
Development of an electronic homebuilding standardised methodGerry Goldstein; June WeiVol.12 No.131-46Free access
Enhancing multicultural counselling competencies and servicesYih-Jiun Shen; Siu-Man Ting; Hwei-Jiun ShenVol.12 No.11-30Free access