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International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education (IJQRE)

International Journal of Quantitative Research in Education

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An efficient standard error estimator of the DINA model parameters when analysing clustered dataJung Yeon Park; Young-Sun Lee; Matthew S. JohnsonVol.4 No.1/2159-190Free access
A comparison of five methods for pretest item selection in online calibrationYi Zheng; Hua-Hua ChangVol.4 No.1/2133-158Free access
The validity of the parental academic support scale: associations among relational and family involvement outcomesJoseph P. Mazer; Blair ThompsonVol.4 No.1/2120-132Free access
Investigating differential options functioning using multinomial logistic regressionMinjeong Park; Amery D. WuVol.4 No.1/294-119Free access
Structural equation modelling trees for invariance assessmentW. Holmes FinchVol.4 No.1/272-93Free access
Using large-scale educational data to test motivation theories: a synthesis of findings from Swedish studies on test-taking motivationHanna Eklöf; Eva KnektaVol.4 No.1/252-71Free access
Extending the internal/external frame of reference model to early-year cognitive abilities for children from diverse backgroundsMei-Shiu ChiuVol.4 No.1/231-51Free access
Higher education surveys from United States' National Center for Education StatisticsPilar Mendoza; Enyu Zhou; Nathan Abdelmalek; Ze WangVol.4 No.1/23-30Free access