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International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology (IJQET)

International Journal of Quality Engineering and Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A fuzzy Kano-QFD approach for prioritising NBA quality parameters for service quality enhancement: a case of Indian PEIsPramod Kinker; Vikas Swarnakar; A.R. Singh; Rajeev JainVol.8 No.4406-427Free access
Joint optimisation of production run length and maintenance policy for an imperfect process with multiple correlated quality characteristicsAli Salmasnia; Maryam KaveieVol.8 No.4379-405Free access
Statistical estimation of random failure probability based on stress levelsHyun Su Sim; Jin Hyeong Jung; Yong Soo KimVol.8 No.4366-378Free access
Design and implementation of ARL-unbiased CCCr-chart for monitoring high-yield processesNirpeksh Kumar; Ranjeet Kumar SinghVol.8 No.4351-365Free access
Design of EWMA control chart for monitoring transformed Rayleigh distributed dataOlatunde Adebayo AdeotiVol.8 No.4335-350Free access
Quality insight: quality integration using engineering systems methodologyAdedeji BadiruVol.8 No.4325-334Free access