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International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC)

International Journal of Mobile Communications

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Effects of aspect ratio and the key position of the smartphone on thumb speed, muscle activities and discomfort in one-handed interactionBingyu Xu; Gang Guo; Qiuyang TangVol.22 No.1111-124Free access
Predicting eBook purchases of heterogeneous social groups in a social network site using network metricsJongtae Yu; Dong-Yop Oh; Triss Ashton; Yang WangVol.22 No.192-110Free access
HyDroid: android malware detection using network flow combined with permissions and intent filterAkram Zine Eddine Boukhamla; Abhishek VermaVol.22 No.170-91Free access
Factors influencing utilitarian and hedonic mobile shopping experiences: Taobao as an exampleGe Gao; Shihyu Chou; Chi-Wen Chen; Harris Wu.; Tianyong WangVol.22 No.148-69Free access
The influence of digital product attributes on the consumption demand for mobile money: the case of the MTN mobile money product in the Buea Municipality in CameroonSerge Messomo Elle; Fubin Miriam EmbiVol.22 No.125-47Free access
Digital divide and socio-economic differences in smartphone information security behaviour among university students: empirical evidence from PakistanNaurin Farooq Khan; Naveed Ikram; Sumera SaleemVol.22 No.11-24Free access