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International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC)

International Journal of Mobile Communications

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Understanding mobile learning continuance from an online-cum-offline learning perspective: a SEM-neural network methodMiao Zhang; Yuangao Chen; Shuai Zhang; Wenyu Zhang; Yixiao Li; Shuiqing YangVol.20 No.1105-127Free access
Continuance usage of mobile SMS: the moderating role of habitLi-Yueh Chen; Bo Hsiao; Wenli HwangVol.20 No.173-104Free access
Effects of gamification incorporated in branded apps on brand responsesYa-Ching Lee; Ying Lin HoVol.20 No.153-72Free access
Self-service kiosks: an investigation into human need for interaction and self-efficacyEun Mi Lee; Saejoon OhVol.20 No.133-52Free access
Determinants and consequences of social media apps usage: from the perspective of the value theoryHeng-Li Yang; Shiang-Lin LinVol.20 No.11-32Free access