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International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business (IJGSB)

International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A contextual approach to women's entrepreneurship in Latin America: impacting research and public policyRocío Ruiz-Martínez; Katherina Kuschel; Inmaculada PastorVol.12 No.183-103Free access
A global review of female entrepreneurial financeHyunJun Na; Murat Sakir ErogulVol.12 No.159-82Free access
Differences in the financial approach to entrepreneurship from a gender perspectiveRoberto Cervelló Royo; Ismael Moya Clemente; Rosario Perelló-Marín; Gabriela Ribes-GinerVol.12 No.146-58Free access
Antecedents and consequences of work-family conflicts: Italian women entrepreneurs' experiencesSara Poggesi; Michela Mari; Luisa De VitaVol.12 No.126-45Free access
Entrepreneurship education and gender: the man-made entrepreneurMaria Aggestam; Caroline Wigren-KristofersonVol.12 No.15-25Free access