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International Journal of Electronic Healthcare (IJEH)

International Journal of Electronic Healthcare

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Macro influencers of electronic health records adoptionVijay V. Raghavan; Ravi Chinta; Nikita ZhirkinVol.8 No.176-94Free access
Exploring mobile health in a private online social networkQurban A. Memon; Asma Fayes MustafaVol.8 No.151-75Free access
Applying CHAID algorithm to investigate critical attributes of secured interoperable health data exchangeShalini Bhartiya; Deepti MehrotraVol.8 No.125-50Free access
Role-based access control through on-demand classification of electronic health recordBasant Tiwari; Abhay KumarVol.8 No.19-24Free access
An acute knee injury: tracking a two-year recovery onlineClare F. Taylor; Daniel H. WilliamsVol.8 No.11-8Free access