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International Journal of Business Environment (IJBE)

International Journal of Business Environment

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Determinants of customer engagement behaviour in hospitality industry: evidence from VietnamVo Thi Thu Hong; Gamal Sayed Ahmed Khalifa; Md. Sazzad Hossain; Nguyen Vu Hieu Trung; Safaa Abdelaleem Mohammad El-Aidie; Mahmoud M. Hewedi; Elhussein M.S. AliVol.14 No.194-118Free access
The interaction between leading drugs and pharmacy-owned labels in ChileGonzalo Escobar E.; Iván Valdés D.Vol.14 No.167-93Free access
Relationship of environmental strategy and performance: role of green human resource managementPriyanka Aggarwal; Tanuja AgarwalaVol.14 No.137-66Free access
Exploring the mediating role of marketing planning in enterprise marketing capabilitiesJoana Sofia da Fonseca; Álvaro Dias; Leandro Pereira; Renato Lopes da Costa; Rui Gonçalves; Rui Vinhas da SilvaVol.14 No.115-36Free access
Corporate social responsibility and job satisfaction: the mediating mechanism of supervisor fairness and moderating role of gratitudeRabia Akram; Shahid Mahmood; Kanwal Iqbal Khan; Farwa AsgharVol.14 No.11-14Free access