Chapter 4: Literature

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In this chapter, as in previous chapters, I will make an attempt, selectively and non-exhaustively, to identify 'origin' and describe 'evolution' of Ancient Greek everlasting contributions. I would like to focus here on literary, artistic, architectural achievements as well as sport and some discoveries spanning from ancient times to the Byzantine Empire and beyond. As we all know, these Ancient Greek accomplishments greatly influenced the West during the Renaissance [or early Third Hellenization Period (THP)] and have been influencing the world since then during the ever-expanding THP.

Chapter 4: Literature    95
1 Iliad and Odyssey98
2 Homeric Hymns99
3 Theogony and Works and Days100
4 Mythology103
   4.1 Prometheus bound and Pandora104
   4.2 Perseus and Andromeda106
   4.3 Argonauts and the quest for the Golden Fleece109
5 Storytelling114
   5.1 The bundle of sticks (the old man and his sons)114
   5.2 The porcupine and the snakes114
   5.3 The ants and the grasshopper115
   5.4 The bear and the travelers115
   5.5 The wolf and the kid115
   5.6 The leap at Rhodes116
6 Lyric poets, playwrights and historiography116
   6.1 Sappho, Alcaeus, and Pindar117
   6.2 Playwrights121
   6.3 Historiography127

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