Chapter 1: Freedom and the Third Hellenization Period: hey, we are all Greek!

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By hey, we are all Greek! in the title of this chapter, I mean that, figuratively, we all carry the Greek 'gene'. To a small or large extent, we are all connected by a thread, the inheritance that Ancient Greeks bestowed on us: philosophy, democracy, athletics, theater, mythology, science (natural, social and organizational), art, architecture and literature among many more; in general, all those universal fundamental ingredients needed to create an evolving and prospering civilization.1

My first objective in this book is to assert that today the world experiences the Third Hellenization Period (THP) which started with the Renaissance2 in Europe after the medieval period (Hellenization is the way of life based on general principles, established or improved by Ancient Greeks). This period, like previous such periods, is characterized by universal principles which guide us towards a common-denominatorworld-structure for the benefit of all. The differences between this Hellenization period and the previous two are that:

  1. the current one is global in its scope
  2. the underlying principles are adopted at increasing rates (often times through violent uprising)
  3. it is facilitated, a great deal, by (and evolves with) technological improvements in communications (e.g., internet and social media), improved transportation, as well as the spread of commerce, tourism, sport and entertainment.

My second objective is to make an attempt at offering an explanation as to why the Ancient Greek contributions are everlasting and growing in relevance. I believe that the Ancient Greeks detonated a freedom explosive, an outburst of ideas and principles which, as we speak, is still in progress, engulfing in its inferno, like an expending fireball, the modern open-minded freedom-valuing world. It is indeed remarkable that today's free people base their evolving way of life on the increasingly important, practical and rewarding formulae invented by the Ancient Greeks.

Chapter 1: Freedom and the Third Hellenization Period: hey, we are all Greek!    1
1 Third Hellenization2
2 Freedom and its impact13
Appendix: Characteristics of Hellenization periods25

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