Book Series
Freedom and the Third Hellenization Period
Demetri Kantarelis


The book could not have been written without the support of my amazing wife, Eleni, whose constant encouragement and Aristotelian thinking kept me within the lines and always hopeful!

I am grateful to many colleagues at Assumption University who gave me the opportunity to brainstorm with them and be guided by them, namely, Fr. Richard Lamoureux A.A., Patrick Corrigan, Cristopher Kloft, Daniel Maher, Mathew Briel, Ty Monroe, and Daniel Mahoney. I am also grateful to participants of a seminar I led in October of 2019 at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University, during which I had the opportunity to present some of the ideas in the book. Among the participants was Professor Paul Stuart Fiddes to whom I am especially grateful for wise and penetrating questions regarding the subject matter. Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude to Fr. Richard Conrad OP, Director of the Aquinas Institute, Blackfriars, Oxford University, who generously spent so much of his valuable time enlightening me about St. Thomas.

Additionally, for valuable constructive comments, I would like to thank participants in conference events where I presented various themes associated with the book; these events were the World Congress in Philosophy (2016) and the International Conference of Philosophy (2017 and 2018).

Moreover, I would like to thank my great friends Shane Epting, Jerry Heslinga, Stephen Gilson, George Sgouros and Brian Dylan for their critical wisdom and for abundantly sharing with me their knowledge in classics, philosophy and religion.

Thanks are also due to Brigadier General (Taxiarchos) Minas Papadakis, Commandant of the Military Engineering School in Loutraki Greece, for granting me permission, in August of 2013, to tour the ruins of Diolkos located within the campus of the School, and to Major (Tagmatarchis) Serafeim Liakos who guided me throughout the visit.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to Inderscience for providing valuable editorial assistance along with first-rate publishing services.

Demetri Kantarelis
Professor of Economics,
Department of Economics, Finance and International Business,
Grenon School of Business, Assumption University,
500 Salisbury Street, Worcester,
MA 01609, USA

"Greece, although captured, took its wild conqueror captive." (in Latin: Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit)

Zoch (2000, p.136)

"... and to endure freedom of speech; and to have become intimate with philosophy; ... and whatever else of the kind belongs to the Grecian discipline."

Aurelious (1977, p.253)

"Marvelous things happen to one in Greece – marvelous good things which can happen to one nowhere else on earth. Somehow, almost as if He were nodding, Greece still remains under the protection of the Creator. ... [it] is still a sacred precinct – and my belief is it will remain so until the end of time (p.15)."

"Here the light penetrates directly to the soul, opens the door and windows of the heart, makes one naked, exposed, isolated in a metaphysical bliss which makes everything clear without being known (p.45). In Greece, one has the desire to bathe in the sky (p.159). The light of Greece opened my eyes, penetrated my pores, expanded my whole being (p.241)."

"[The] spirit of eternality ... is everywhere ... selfperpetuating Greece ... has no borders, no limits, no age ... it is impressively vast (pp.46–52). Greece ... made me free and whole ... still ... the fountainhead of wisdom and inspiration (pp.210–211)."

Miller (1941)

"We are all Greeks. Our laws, our literature, our religions, our arts have their root in Greece."

Percy Bysshe Shelley
Quotes about Greece (2021)

"Greece is a good place for rebirths."

Judith Martin
Quotes about Greece (2021)

"For those who take the time to know ... Greece, [h]er magic islands, perfumed with wild herbs and kissed by the sun, fill you with a primeval longing that you will never quite understand. Perhaps it is the quest for knowledge that is her legacy or possibly, the Sirens' songs still linger. Whatever the reason, Greece fills your dreams with the desire to return for an experience that is always bittersweet. The sorrow comes when we say goodbye, and we begin to understand why they say that the Elgin Marbles cry ..."

Great-Adventures (2021)