Chapter 2: Frameworks and Reference Models

Pages Title and author(s)
79 - 89Title: Product, Process and Manufacturing System Lifecycles Analysis for a Concurrent Development
Javier Pereda, Mauricio Hincapié, Arturo Molina
90 - 100Title: A reference framework for integrating NC planning into Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Günther Schuh, Michael Lenders, Ju-Young Uam
101 - 110Title: MultiCAD/MultiPDM integration framework
Thomas Paviot, Pascal Morenton, Vincent Cheutet, Samir Lamouri
111 - 125Title: Application of AHP for PLM Tools Selection
S.R. Vengugopalan, L. Prakash Sai, L.S. Ganesh, G. Ramakrishnan
126 - 136Title: Representing and sharing process knowledge in PLM systems design
Marco Bertoni, Umberto Cugini
137 - 157Title: Product configuration modeling and solving based on CM-CCSP model for mass customization
Tifan Xiong, Qinghua Liu, Wan Li
158 - 166Title: A method for Task-oriented PLC programming
Hong-Seok Park, Dinh Ba Hung Anh, Gyu-Bong Lee
167 - 176Title: Semantic combination of matching methods for product data interoperability
Il Yeo, Lalit Patil, Debasish Dutta