Chapter 1: Models for Products and Systems Integration

Pages Title and author(s)
3 - 12Title: e-Engineering Framework to Support Collaborative Design of Automotive Suspension Systems
Seong-Whan Park, Jai-Kyung Lee, Han-Min Lee
13 - 21Title: Designing Product Platform for Efficient Production Planning Process
Hongbum Na, Sungho Jo, Jinwoo Park
22 - 29Title: Technology-mediated collaboration in product development teams: A case study
Minseok Lee, Kukjin Kim, Eung Kang, Sehyun Kim
30 - 39Title: Managing product design by considering evolution of design context: from Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to System Lifecycle Management (SLM)
Vincent Robin, Severine Sperandio, Genoveva Topliceanu, Philippe Girard
40 - 48Title: A Product Data Model for Integrating Product Data Management and Software Configuration Management
Namchul Do, Gyoengseok Chae
49 - 56Title: Framework of System Integration based on Milestone Model for the Collaboration among Companies
Jae Yong Baek, Jin Hyung Jung, So Young Chung, Bo Hyun Kim, Seok Kyu Yoo
57 - 66Title: An instrumented conflict management scenario about cooperative product development
Mohsen Sadeghi, Frédéric Noel, Khaled Hadj-Hamou
67 - 76Title: Flexible Integration Model for Virtual Prototype Families
Stephan Vornholt, Ingolf Geist