Chapter 3: Sustainable Products and Future Reuse

Pages Title and author(s)
179 - 188Title: Life cycle simulation of mechanical parts with Part agents for promoting their reuse based on user's preferences
Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Tomohiro Hanatani, Atsushi Tanaka
189 - 199Title: A new strategic approach in PLM, Usage Lifecycle Management (ULM) to redesign and innovate
Emilie Chapotot, Jérémy Legardeur, Christophe Merlo, Philippe Girard
200 - 211Title: Filling the lack of PLM strategies when considering the ecological and economical aspects of products in the automotive industry
Adel Frad, Christoph Herrmann
212 - 221Title: Through-Life Change Prediction and Management
Rene Keller, Claudia M Eckert, P John Clarkson
222 - 228Title: Product Lifecycle Management Strategy for a sustainable product innovation with a new photovoltaic technology- Dye Solar Cell
Nico Pastewski, Claus Lang-Koetz, Daniel Heubach
229 - 240Title: Product planning and decision representation and reuse in next generation Product Lifecycle Management solutions
Michael Bitzer, Martin Eigner, Christian Kasai, Martin Langlotz