Chapter 3: PLM/SCM integration initiatives

Pages Title and author(s)
127 - 136Title: Ontology-Based Support for Semantic Interoperability between SCM and PLM
Alexander Smirnov, Michael Pashkin, Tatiana Levashova, Nikolai Chilov
137 - 146Title: Levels of knowledge representation for Product Design
Giorgio Colombo, Umberto Cugini, Dante Pugliese, Matteo Pulli
147 - 154Title: The Value Chain Operations Reference Model as a Framework to Integrate and Manage Cross-Enterprise Business Processes
Herbert Heinzel
155 - 167Title: Lifecycle Implications of Supporting Innovation in Product-Service Solutions
M. Sorlini, R. Fornasiero
168 - 174Title: Managing performance in the product lifecycle – A case study from tender to support
Peter D. Ball, Kepa Mendibil, Umit S. Bititci
175 - 184Title: Analysis of PLM dimensions
Sergio Terzi, Myrna Flores, Marco Garetti, Marco Macchi
187 - 198Title: DIJA system: A CAD solution for collaboration between designers and manufacturers
Yvon Gardan, Mael Hilléreau, Estelle Perrin