Chapter 3: PLM/SCM integration initiatives

Title: Lifecycle Implications of Supporting Innovation in Product-Service Solutions

Author(s): M. Sorlini, R. Fornasiero

Address: ITIA-CNR Via Bassini 15 - 20133 Milano Italy | ITIA-CNR Via Bassini 15 - 20133 Milano Italy

Reference: International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management 2005 pp. 155 - 167

Abstract/Summary: European industry is shifting its production process from a mass production towards a knowledge based and service oriented one to provide production on demand, mass customisation, rapid reaction to market changes and quick time-to-market of innovative solutions. For these reasons, it is very important to base product development on a quick and reliable innovation process to overcome both the strategic and the production aspects on lifecycle management of products. The aim of this work is to describe the impact on some business cases of innovative tools and methodologies implemented to improve innovation process performance in the case of Product and Service Solutions where many different competences and technologies have to be shared on a collaborative basis.

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