Chapter 8: Project Management

Pages Title and author(s)
425 - 435Title: Product Life Cycle Support and Project Management: Mutual contributions
Xinming Jin, Lauri Koskela, Timothy M. King
436 - 450Title: The maturity of product lifecycle management in Dutch organizations: A strategic alignment perspective
R. Batenburg, R.W. Helms, J. Versendaal
451 - 460Title: From PDM systems to integrated project management systems: A case study
G. Pol, C. Merlo, G. Jared, J. Legardeur
461 - 471Title: Building Lifecycle Management
Sylvain Bonandrini, Christophe Cruz, Christophe Nicolle
475 - 484Title: Open Standards for Product Lifecycle Management
Vijay Srinivasan