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Editor in Chief: Associate Prof. Niloufer Selvadurai
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IJTPL is a double-blind refereed, highly professional and authoritative source of information in the fields of technology policy and law. It encourages articles representing synergy between theory and practices to help policy makers and executives govern and manage technologies and their relations with society, policies and law. Emphases will be on the related social, political and economic issues, as well as emerging issues of interest to legislators, professionals and academics.


 Topics covered include

  • Commercial/copyright law, consumer protection
  • Creativity, innovativeness, cross-cultural comparisons
  • Digital divide, digital rights management
  • E-governance/government, e-service related law
  • Electronic funds transfer, insurance
  • Information ethics/literacy/privacy/sharing
  • Innovation process management, technology innovation
  • Intellectual property rights/trading, patent law
  • International law/standards, national competitiveness
  • Internet abuse
  • Knowledge/technology management
  • Knowledge sharing/trading
  • National information infrastructure, security
  • Social engineering/impact
  • Technology/telecommunications law/policy

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The objective of the IJTPL is to establish an effective channel of communication between policy makers, government agencies, academic and research institutions and persons concerned with the complex role of technologies in society. It also aims to promote and share technology policy and law in the fields of science and technology, political science, informatics, sociology and economics. The international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating global technological, social and economical changes.


Professionals, policy-makers, government officers, academics, researchers, and managers in IT, business and commerce.


IJTPL publishes original and review papers, technical reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports, book reviews, notes and commentaries. Contributions may be by submission or invitation, and suggestions for Special Issues and publications are welcome.



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Honorary Editor-in-Chief

  • Li, Eldon Y., National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Editor in Chief

  • Selvadurai, Niloufer, Macquarie University, Australia

      Production Editor

      • Kelly, Shannon, Macquarie University, Australia

      Editorial Board Members

      • Arun, Thankom Gopinath, The University of Manchester, UK
      • Backhouse, James, London School of Economics, UK
      • Berman, Paul Schiff, University of Connecticut, USA
      • Björnsson, Hans, Stanford University, USA
      • Bowie, Nolan, Harvard University, USA
      • Bruce, Thomas R., Cornell University, USA
      • Camp, L. Jean, Harvard University, USA
      • Carr, Chris, California Polytechnic State University, USA
      • Chen, Houn-Gee, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
      • Christie, Andrew, The University of Melbourne, Australia
      • Clark, Eugene, Griffith University, Australia
      • Davison, Mark, Monash University, Australia
      • Denning, Dorothy, Naval Postgraduate School, USA
      • Edwards, Paul N., University of Michigan, USA
      • Fitzgerald, Anne, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
      • Fong, Jerry G., National Chengchi University, Taiwan
      • Gillies, Peter, Macquarie University, Australia
      • Gold, Richard E., McGill University, Canada
      • Greenleaf, Graham, University of New South Wales, Australia
      • Hörnle, Julia, Queen Mary University of London, UK
      • Jones, Faye, University of the Pacific, USA
      • Klein, Gary, University of Colorado, USA
      • Lee, Matthew, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China
      • Liu, Kung-Chung, Academia Sinica - General, Taiwan
      • Liu, Paul Chang Bin, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
      • Lu, Shey-Shi, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
      • Müller, Jürgen, Berlin School of Economics, Germany
      • Mao, Chi-Kuo, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
      • Mechling, Jerry, Harvard University, USA
      • Monotti, Ann, Monash University, Australia
      • Obi, Toshio, Waseda University, Japan
      • Owens, Richard C., Canada
      • Paté-Cornell, M. Elisabeth, Stanford University, USA
      • Peng, Shin-yi, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
      • Puri, Kamal, University of Queensland, Australia
      • Radin, Margaret-Jane, The University of Michigan Law School, USA
      • Rice, Mitchell F., Texas A&M University, USA
      • Richardson, Megan, The University of Melbourne, Australia
      • Rossi, James E., Florida State University, USA
      • Rotenberg, Marc, Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), USA
      • Seely, Bruce E., Michigan Technological University, USA
      • Sibley, Edgar H., George Mason University, USA
      • Sobel, Richard, Harvard University, USA
      • Sobol, Marion G., Southern Methodist University, USA
      • Wen, Jordan Chao-tung, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
      • Winn, Jane K., University of Washington, USA


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      • Submitted articles should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
      • Conference papers may only be submitted if the paper has been completely re-written (more details available here) and the author has cleared any necessary permissions with the copyright owner if it has been previously copyrighted.
      • All our articles go through a double-blind review process.
      • All authors must declare they have read and agreed to the content of the submitted article. A full statement of our Ethical Guidelines for Authors (PDF) is available.
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      Journal news

      • Anonymity, scoundrels, and free speech


        Christoph Bezemek of the Institute of Public Law and Political Science, at the University of Graz, Austria, tells a tale of his school history teacher who purported that only scoundrels sent letters to a newspaper anonymously. His teachers argument being that public discourse as a democratic societys bonding agent and so those who wish their voice to be heard should not hide behind a veil of anonymity. And yet, in a free society, surely one should have the right to a voice whether anonymous or not, after all throughout history often the messenger was at the lethal end of the phrase: the pen is mightier than the sword [...]

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      • Copyleft, right, left, right...


        Copyright is say the least. It is at the centre of much debate in academia, in society, and certainly between corporate entities and consumers. Companies' share price and profits often hinge on the protection of their intellectual property and copyrighted materials whether movies, TV shows, music, photographs, articles and much more. In the age of the Internet, of course, there are few barriers to individuals and organizations breaking copyright law, and in some countries copyright laws are permissive [...]

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        6 - 7 February 2018
        Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London UK