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International Journal of Technology Policy and Law (IJTPL)

International Journal of Technology Policy and Law

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Lesotho telecommunications sector reform: an assessment of regulatory governance and substanceLeboli Zachia ThamaeVol.2 No.171-89Free access
Implications of China's latest statute on internet and the forthcoming real-name registration schemeZhixiong LiaoVol.2 No.155-70Free access
Using technology in human trafficking: international law perspective and reflections within Middle Eastern countriesYaser Khalaileh; Nazzal KisswaniVol.2 No.127-54Free access
Reformulating the 'fair dealing' defence in copyright law to accommodate transformative musical works and maximise creativity in AustraliaBodhi DharmatilakeVol.2 No.11-26Free access