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International Journal of Services and Standards (IJSS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Healthcare management: do quality and standards vary based on national cultureYvette Essounga-NjanVol.10 No.1/272-88Free access
Healthcare and motivation-medicine: a critical examination of health, the medical profession and the future of cell researchEmmanuel EtoungVol.10 No.1/249-71Free access
A sensemaking approach to a discursive ethical skill in healthcare management: the case of an oncopaediatric serviceEmmanuelle Gagnou-Savatier; Samuel MercierVol.10 No.1/232-48Free access
Cost savings of diabetes outcomes: impact of nurse practitioner practice regulatory policyHillary Knepper; Andréa Sonenberg; Helisse LevineVol.10 No.1/217-31Free access
Systematic literature review of quality management in healthcare organisations: exploring and organising extant research using nVivoVinay Sharma; Nakul GuptaVol.10 No.1/22-16Free access