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International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Measuring the efficiency of standardisation policy using meta-frontier analysis: a case of mobile platform standardisationHongbum Kim; Daeho Lee; Junseok HwangVol.14 No.179-98Free access
Elucidating the role of conformity in innovative smartphonesChing-Wen Chen; Hung-Yi Chang; Juin-Han Chen; Richard WengVol.14 No.156-78Free access
Examining social influence factors affecting consumer continuous usage intention for mobile social networking applicationsEdward Shih-Tse Wang; Nicole Pei-Yu ChouVol.14 No.143-55Free access
Mobile media activity breadth and political engagement: an online resource perspectiveJason A. MartinVol.14 No.126-42Free access
Exploring factors affecting the adoption of mobile office in business: an integration of TPB with perceived valueSeyoung Seol; Hwansoo Lee; Hangjung ZoVol.14 No.11-25Free access