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International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business (IJGSB)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Quantitative decision support for network integration of start-up companiesMartin Steinrücke; Wolfgang AlbrechtVol.8 No.173-99Free access
ICT for disability management in the net economyGuido MigliaccioVol.8 No.151-72Free access
Wine labels: the impact of a module in wine knowledgeChristian Kammer; Ruth Rios-MoralesVol.8 No.139-50Free access
Family management of SMEs: an organisational culture perspectiveMário Franco; Manuel LucasVol.8 No.118-38Free access
Technical efficiency and environmental factors of the micro, small, and medium enterprises in Bandung city: a slack-based approachMaman Setiawan; Rina Indiastuti; Dini Indrawati; Nury EffendiVol.8 No.11-17Free access