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  • Psychometric examination of the Academic Motivation Scale using a Vietnamese university student sample   Order a copy of this article
    by Lan Luong, Arthur Poropat, Helen Klieve, Kate Thompson 
    Abstract: Massification of higher education in Vietnam has brought about both achievements and various issues. Efforts have been made to improve the quality of teaching and learning in higher education, but very little attention has been paid to the issue of student motivation. This study aims to contribute to this area of knowledge by testing the applicability of the Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) in assessing Vietnamese university students motivation. This was achieved via evaluation of the scales psychometric properties using data obtained from 648 first year students from a high-ranking university. Using a different approach in model testing, results indicated that the revised seven factor AMS with 23 items best fitted the data. All subscales had satisfactory reliabilities. Thus, the revised AMS can be used to study Vietnamese university students motivation.
    Keywords: academic motivation; Academic Motivation Scale; Vietnam; university; self-determination theory.

  • A Comparison of Linear and Equipercentile Equating and IRT Equating with FIPC Across Multidimensional Test Forms for Nonequivalent Groups   Order a copy of this article
    by Ki Cole, Sohee Kim, Mwarumba Mwavita 
    Abstract: The aim of this study is to compare linear equating procedures (i.e., Levine and Tucker methods), equipercentile equating, and the fixed item parameter calibration (FIPC) with true and observed score equating methods when applied non-equivalent groups taking forms which have various multidimensional structures: equal or unequal total test difficulty and similar or dissimilar difficulty within dimensions across forms. This situation may be common for large-scale test forms that are composed of multiple sub-content areas and are being administered to multiple samples at different times. Within the specifications of this study, when forms differ in total difficulty but do not have confounded difficulty within dimensions, the linear methods may be preferred over the equipercentile and FIPC methods. When forms differ in average item difficulty within dimensions, regardless of equal or unequal total test difficulty, the FIPC method is favored over the equipercentile method, when data were correlated.
    Keywords: Equating; Psychometrics; Test construction.