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International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control

2009 Vol. 8 No. 1

Special Issue on Stochastic Systems and Applications

Guest Editors: Professor Hoon Heo, Professor Jooyoung Park, Professor In Lee and Professor Moon K. Kwak


PagesTitle and authors
4-9Using proportional and different controller to control chaos in non-autonomous mechanical system
Jian-gang Zhang, Yan-dong Chu, Xian-feng Li, Ying-xiang Chang

10-17Approach of context-aware computing with uncertainty for ubiquitous active service
De-gan Zhang, Hua Zhang, Hong-yun Ning

18-24Adaptive sliding mode observer for non-linear stochastic systems with uncertainties
Feng Qiao, Ya Zhang, Quanmin Zhu, Hua Zhang

25-31Guaranteed cost control with accommodation of position and rate limits in the second-order actuators
Yongji Wang, Jiansheng Xu, Bo Wang, Quanmin Zhu

32-37A brief summary on the control recovery of time-varying K-G systems
Iwan Pranoto

38-47Two-class M/G/1 queue under workload control
Ho Woo Lee, Sang-Ahn Kim, Jung Woo Baek, Se Won Lee

48-55The CVaR constrained stochastic programming ALM model for defined benefit pension funds
Manying Bai, Jie Ma

56-60Study on anti-synchronisation between spatiotemporal chaos system and temporal chaos system
Ling Lu, Xiao-lan Xia, Yan Li, Chao Zhang

61-67Disturbance detection using an improved hit-or-miss transform
T.Y. Ji, Q.H. Wu

68-72Stochastic system identification of unknown flexible cantilever beam under turbulent flow
Sungman Park, Oshin Kwon, Jihnwan Kim, Hoon Heo

73-79The modelling and road simulation test of a hydraulic engine mount
Qian Li, Jiancai Zhao, Bo Zhao

80-87Simulation research on braking performance of hydrodynamic torque converter and retarder based on automatic shifting rules
Yue Ma, Quan Min Zhu, Alan Winfield, Qingdong Yan