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International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control (IJMIC)

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Nonlinear system monitoring using multiscaled principal components analysis based on neural networkHanen Chaouch Jebril; Khaled Ouni; Lotfi NabliVol.27 No.168-73Free access
The dual three-phase open-end stator windings permanent magnet synchronous machine fed by four voltage source invertersAbdelmonoem Nayli; Sami Guizani; Faouzi Ben AmmarVol.27 No.158-67Free access
Fuzzy monitoring of stator and rotor winding faults for DFIG used in wind energy conversion systemMerabet Hichem; Bahi TaharVol.27 No.149-57Free access
Modelling and predictive control of an inverted pendulum system by MLD approach: multivariable caseEssia Saidi; Yosra Hammi; Ali DouikVol.27 No.140-48Free access
Identification of GMS friction model using a new switching function: experimental investigationSaid Grami; Yousef GharbiaVol.27 No.131-39Free access
Observer design and active fault tolerant control for Takagi-Sugeno systems affected by sensors faultsWafa Jamel; Atef Khedher; Kamel Ben OthmanVol.27 No.122-30Free access
Trirotor mechatronic design and reduction of dynamic model inputs by aerodynamic forces identificationAlaa Chabir; Yassine Bouteraa; Rahma BoucettaVol.27 No.114-21Free access
Anti-synchronisation of identical chaotic systems via novel sliding control and its application to a novel chaotic systemSundarapandian Vaidyanathan; Sivaperumal SampathVol.27 No.13-13Free access


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