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International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control (IJMIC)

International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Self-adaptative multi-kernel algorithm for switched linear systems identificationLamaa Sellami; Salah Zidi; Kamel AbderrahimVol.31 No.1103-111Free access
Monitoring the lack of grease condition of rolling bearing using acoustic emissionKaiqiang Wang; Xiaoqin Liu; Xing Wu; Zhenjun ZhuVol.31 No.194-102Free access
Modelling and attitude control of novel multi-ducted-fan aerial vehicle in forward flightLu Lin; Yue Ma; Wanming ChenVol.31 No.181-93Free access
Optimal storage sizing of energy storage for peak shaving in presence of uncertainties in distributed energy management systemsYue Li; Qinmin YangVol.31 No.172-80Free access
Attitude tracking control of rigid spacecraft with disturbance compensationZhongtian Chen; Qiang Chen; Meiling Tao; Xiongxiong HeVol.31 No.162-71Free access
Combining recursive projection and dynamic programming technique in multi UAVs formation anomaly detectionJian-Hong WangVol.31 No.153-61Free access
A recursive discrete Kalman filter for the generation of reference signal to UPQC with unbalanced and distorted supply conditionsP. Venkatesh Kumar; R. RajeswariVol.31 No.139-52Free access
Modelling and fault tolerance analysis of triplex redundancy servo valveHao Yan; Lei Yao; Li-bo Qiu; Bo Chen; Lijing DongVol.31 No.127-38Free access
Kinematic calibration for industrial robots using articulated arm coordinate machinesGuanbin Gao; Hongwei Zhang; Hongjun San; Guoqing Sun; Xing Wu; Wen WangVol.31 No.116-26Free access
A model-based implementation of an MPPT technique and a control system for a variable speed wind turbine PMSGNajmeh Rezaei; Kamyar Mehran; Calum CossarVol.31 No.13-15Free access