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International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development

2017 Vol. 8 No. 4


PagesTitle and authors
313-333Intellectual capital reporting: a knowledge tool to coordinate a group of regional non-profit organisations
Stefania Veltri; Giovanni Bronzetti; John Dumay
DOI: 10.1504/IJKBD.2017.10009255

334-345Measuring the capital systems categories: the perspective of an integrated value system of social life as perceived by young citizens
Ana Cristina Fachinelli; Cíntia Paese Giacomello; Fabiano Larentis; Fernanda D'Arrigo
DOI: 10.1504/IJKBD.2017.10009256

346-366Network organisations for externality challenges: how social entrepreneurship co-evolves with ICT-enabled solutions
Sabrina Bonomi; Francesca Ricciardi; Cecilia Rossignoli
DOI: 10.1504/IJKBD.2017.10009302

367-387Residential choice in polycentric border-crossing agglomeration areas: the example of the Lake Constance-Alpine Rhine Valley
Stefan Gueldenberg; Laura Hecker; Adrian Klammer; Stefan Wilhelm; Francesco A. Schurr; Peter A. Staub
DOI: 10.1504/IJKBD.2017.10009257

388-403A new 'European story'? - The rise of the knowledge-based economy, 1870-1913
Yaman Kouli
DOI: 10.1504/IJKBD.2017.10009267