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International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications

2007 Vol. 3 No. 1/2

Special Issue on Intelligent Sensing Technologies and Applications

Guest Editors: Prof. S. Demidenko, Assoc. Prof. S. Mukhopadhyay and G. Sen Gupta


PagesTitle and authors
4-19Implementation of a framework to integrate sensors and controllers
Ryan D. Weir, Gourab Sen Gupta, Donald G. Bailey

20-32Scalable infrared sensor network for multiple three-dimensional indoor targets localisation
Nathan Kirchner, Tomonari Furukawa

33-51Measuring of exhaust gas emissions using absorption spectroscopy
Eamonn Hawe, Gerard Dooly, Colin Fitzpatrick, Paul Chambers, Elfed Lewis, W.Z. Zhao, T. Sun, K.T.V. Grattan, M. Degner, H. Ewald, S. Lochmann, G. Bramman, C. Wei, D. Hitchen, J. Lucas, A. Al-Shamma'a, E. Merlone-Borla, P. Faraldi, M. Pidria

52-62Hydrogen gas sensor based upon perylene-imide derivatives
Kazuyuki Sato, Kazuyuki Hino, Hiroo Takahashi, Jin Mizuguchi

63-79A smart gas sensor for environmental monitoring, compliant with the IEEE 1451 standard and featuring a simplified transducer interface
Lucia Bissi, Andrea Scorzoni, Pisana Placidi, Luca Marrocchi, Michele Cicioni, Luca Roselli, Stefano Zampolli, Luca Masini, Ivan Elmi, Gian Carlo Cardinali

80-94Inaccuracies in measurement of contact pressure due to the measuring grid of a foil sensor
Klaus Hoffmann, Klaus Decker

95-105An accurate model of a highly ordered 81/19 Permalloy AMR Wheatstone bridge sensor against a 48 pole pair ring-magnet
Michael J. Haji-Sheikh, Young Yoo

106-118Applications of SV-GMR sensor for detecting micro non-magnetic and ferromagnetic material
T. Somsak, K. Chomsuwan, S. Yamada, M. Iwahara

119-132Fibre Bragg gratings with one defect towards development of optical networks interrogators
Ignacio Del Villar, Ignacio R. Matias, Francisco J. Arregui

133-148Solutions to the inverse problem in a two-dimensional model for microwave breast tumour detection
G.G. Senaratne, Richard B. Keam, Winston L. Sweatman, Graeme C. Wake

149-162On-chip electrometer using MEMS parallel-plate pull-in sensing
Russell Y. Webb, Noel C. MacDonald