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International Journal of Global Energy Issues

2001 Vol. 16 No. 1/2/3

Special Issue on Energy Conservation Policy in Central and Eastern European Countries

Guest Editor: Professor Jerzy Michna


PagesTitle and authors
15-25The energy system in Bulgaria - challenges and barriers to transition
Maria Ruytcheva, Michail Denisyev

26-33Energy problems in the Czech Republic
Pawel Erban

34-49Development trends in the Estonian energy sector at transition
Ulo Rudi

50-63New direction of energy policy in Hungary towards the new millennium
M. Poos, G. Meszaros

6-14Basic direction of energy saving policies in the Republic of Belarus
Andrew F. Molochko

64-81Energy policy in Latvia
Aleksandrs Oss, Yuris Ekmanis, Viktor Zebergs, Namejs Zeltinsh

82-100Energy conservation policy in Lithuania: experiences and problems
Viktoras Valentukevicius, Vaclovas Miskinis

101-115Some elements of energy conservation policy under the energy policy guidelines of Poland
Zygmunt Parczewski, Franciszek Krawczynski

116-128Energy efficiency promotion under the conditions of Romania's transition towards a market economy
Vasile Rugina

129-139The energy conservation potential in heat supply systems for Russian cities and towns: ways of realisation
Tatiana V. Lisotchkina

140-158Energy economy of the Slovak Republic: current situation and future outlook
Jan Rousek, Alena _alamonova, Maria Svobodova

159-168Energy efficiency policy in Slovenia
Franc Beravs

169-181Ukraine: energy and economic situation, energy conservation policy distinctions of energy consumption
N. Gnedoy, M. Kulik

182-200General problems of the policy of efficient energy consumption in Central and Eastern European countries
F. Krawczynski, J. Michna

201-212Tendencies of energy industry development in the EU accession candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe
Wilhelm Riesner

213-225Energy efficiency and savings in the Russian Federation
V. Chupyatov, A. Makarov, E. Medvedeva

226-241Cooperation between the developed and transformation countries in the area of efficient energy conservation policy
D. Frormann, J. Michna

242-251Still transition or a new situation in energy conservation policy in Central and Eastern European countries?
J. Kapala, J. Michna, Y. Ekmanis, N. Zeltinsh