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International Journal of Global Energy Issues (IJGEI)

International Journal of Global Energy Issues

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Cheating behaviour among OPEC member-states and oil price fairness and stability: an empirical analysisMas'ud Ibrahim; Kamil OmotesoVol.44 No.198-119Free access
Examining the impact of COVID-19 on Indian energy exchange market: empirical evidence from a multi-regional panel data analysisBamadev Mahapatra; Diptimayee JenaVol.44 No.176-97Free access
Research on energy supply chain risk prediction based on the fuzzy C-means clustering algorithmTao Xiao; Tao Zhang; Ning ZhangVol.44 No.165-75Free access
Research on risk assessment method of energy system based on data miningLei Zhang; Huaxi Chen; Mali ZhengVol.44 No.147-64Free access
Energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the sugarcane chain in Brazil: an input-output approach (2000-2014)Pery Francisco Assis Shikida; Marco Antonio Montoya; Giovani Richard Pitilin; Bianca Grando GiordaniVol.44 No.128-46Free access
Temperature range across Nigeria to the end of 21st century: prospects for photovoltaics based on CMIP5 and CORDEX perspectivesUgochukwu K. Okoro; Chizomam I. Usoh; Cecily O. Nwokocha; Wen ChenVol.44 No.11-27Free access