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International Journal of Global Energy Issues (IJGEI)

International Journal of Global Energy Issues

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Are US gasoline price responses asymmetric? Another lookHamid Baghestani; Ismail H. GencVol.41 No.1/2/3/4198-203Free access
Growth in transport sector CO2 emissions in Tunisia: an analysis using a bounds testing approachSouhir Abbes; Julie BulteauVol.41 No.1/2/3/4176-197Free access
Understanding volatility and leverage effects in bunker marketsIshita Ranjan; T. Bangar Raju; R. Jayaraj; Krishnendu DuttaVol.41 No.1/2/3/4158-175Free access
Energy transition: between economic opportunity and the need for financing?Héger Gabteni; Adil BamiVol.41 No.1/2/3/4146-157Free access
Attributes of a viable policy for the Vietnam electricity sector: opinions of stakeholdersHung NguyenVol.41 No.1/2/3/4128-145Free access
Thermal energy storage using phase change materials: a way forwardJ.P. Hadiya; Ajit Kumar N. ShuklaVol.41 No.1/2/3/4108-127Free access
Electricity retail competition: the case of the UKRaphaël Homayoun Boroumand; Phillip A. CartwrightVol.41 No.1/2/3/498-107Free access
Investigating the price linkage between the Asian LNG spot and East Asian LNG prices and its implicationsJeremia Dwi Martono; Kentaka ArugaVol.41 No.1/2/3/486-97Free access
Optimal management of an oil exploitationStéphane Goutte; Idris Kharroubi; Thomas LimVol.41 No.1/2/3/469-85Free access
On the relationship between liquid commodities and financial variables: a Bayesian VAR approachOlfa Kaabia; Ilyes Abid; Khaled GuesmiVol.41 No.1/2/3/452-68Free access
Oil price shocks and OECD equity markets: distinguishing between supply and demand effectsAbderrazak Dhaoui; Khaled Guesmi; Youssef Saidi; Saad BourouisVol.41 No.1/2/3/425-51Free access
Fuel taxes and consumer behaviour: a Markov-switching approachSimon Porcher; Thomas PorcherVol.41 No.1/2/3/414-24Free access
Regional analysis of the relationship between CO2 emissions and financial developmentShiu-Wan Hung; Chiao-Ming Li; Ming-Yi ShenVol.41 No.1/2/3/42-13Free access