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International Journal of Global Energy Issues

2001 Vol. 15 No. 1/2


PagesTitle and authors
25-48Renewable portfolio standard and certificates trading on the Dutch electricity market
Jens Drillisch
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000886

49-58The importance of external costs for the competitiveness of renewable energies
A. Rabl
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000887

5-24Financial incentives to promote renewable energy systems in European electricity markets: a survey
Reinhard Haas, Norbert Wohlgemuth, Claus Huber,
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000885

59-72Driving factors of non-commercial biomass consumption: a multivariate approach
Jan Ban, Nadir Guerer
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000888

73-83Reduce, reuse and renew: one possible approach to cut carbon emissions
Thomas E. Hoff, John P. Weyant, Chris Herig, Howard J. Wenger
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000889

84-96Economic impact of the valuation of life cycle CO2 emissions from renewable and fossil energy systems
Gustavo Nadal, Osvaldo L. Girardin
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000890

117-131Overcoming financial barriers to wider use of renewable energy technology in Africa
Ogunlade R. Davidson, John Turkson
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000892

132-140The development of biomass gasification technology towards market penetration in China
Dennis Y. C. Leung, Bingyan Xu, Chungzhi Wu
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000893

141-158Forecasting US renewables in the national energy modelling system
Roger Diedrich, Thomas W. Petersik
DOI: 10.1504/IJGEI.2001.000894