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MENA Journal of Cross-Cultural Management (MJCCM)

MENA Journal of Cross-Cultural Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Education affecting entrepreneurial intention: moderated by institutional and cultural conditionsBahi Slaoui Chaimae; Dinia MohammedVol.1 No.1123-142Free access
Impact of innovation and international networking on firm openness to foreign markets strategy in Middle East and North Africa: individualism' moderating effectAbderrahim Barakat; Najlaa El Cati; Meriem FilaliVol.1 No.1101-122Free access
Impact of education and training on adults' entrepreneurial mindset: a comparison among MENA countriesMustapha Benouadni; Najlaa El CatiVol.1 No.180-100Free access
Entrepreneurs' gender, age and education shaping motives: push of necessity and pull of opportunity in MENA and DenmarkMahdokht Sedaghat; Peter Waring LeiVol.1 No.163-79Free access
Employees' entrepreneurial work shaped by human capital and shaping entrepreneurial intention: Spain, Denmark, Middle East and North AfricaAsmaa Dahalla; Abderrahim Barakat; Sanaa Haouata; Peter Theis NordenbøgeVol.1 No.142-62Free access
Organisation and outcomes in social enterprising: comparing Europe and the Middle East and North AfricaHaya Al-Madadi; Imane El Aouissi; Maria Baijou; Mohamed Kamal Zaraba; Oumaima El Azzouzi; Oussama Er-rady; Salma El Haddaji; Yassine Errachid; Thomas SchøttVol.1 No.120-41Free access
Innovation and growth ambition of female entrepreneurs: a comparison between the MENA region and the rest of the worldMehrzad Saeedikiya; Zeynab AeeniVol.1 No.17-19Free access