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Latin American Journal of Management for Sustainable Development (LAJMSD)

Latin American Journal of Management for Sustainable Development

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The influence of green branding on purchase intention, willingness to pay and consumers' emotional response: an experimental studyMateus Luan Dellarmelin; Jhony Pereira Moraes; Lenoir Hoeckesfeld; Eliana Andréa Severo; Ivanete Schneider HahnVol.4 No.169-82Free access
Safety and sustainability paradoxes: the case of large trees on roadsides of high speed roadsBarbara Stolte Bezerra; Dayane Thomazi Maia; Rosane Ap. Gomes BattistelleVol.4 No.155-68Free access
Wind power energy in Brazil: public financing and future perspectivesViviane Helena Torinelli; Antônio Francisco De Almeida Da Silva Jr.; José Célio Silveira AndradeVol.4 No.141-54Free access
Students' knowledge of sustainability issues in higher educationLuciana Oranges Cezarino; Etienne Cardoso Abdala; Mara Alves Soares; Vivian Duarte Couto FernandesVol.4 No.124-40Free access
The environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis for CH4 emissions: evidence from ARDL bounds testing approach in ArgentinaJoel Alejandro Rosado-AnastacioVol.4 No.11-23Free access