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International Journal of Work Innovation (IJWI)

International Journal of Work Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
At Face(book) value: uses of Facebook in hiring processes and the role of identity in social networksVanessa A. De La Llama; Isabel Trueba; Carola Voges; Claudia Barreto; David J. ParkVol.1 No.1114-136Free access
Telework and mobile working: analysis of its benefits and drawbacksDiane-Gabrielle Tremblay; Laurence ThomsinVol.1 No.1100-113Free access
Going thin on top: work intensification and the neglect of personal support of senior managersDavid MeacheamVol.1 No.194-99Free access
Work innovations: transformation, micro-emancipations, or discursive shift?Fiona HurdVol.1 No.179-93Free access
Can flexicurity make ethical sense? The 'terceisation function' as a moral lever for inter-organisational employment schemesVirginie Xhauflair; François PichaultVol.1 No.165-78Free access
Ethical dilemmas in call centres: how to survive in the modern sweatshops?Sara Csillag; Sandor Takacs; Csaba Kiss; Roland SzilasVol.1 No.142-64Free access
Control and social relations in a small contact-centreAikaterini KoskinaVol.1 No.124-41Free access
High performance work systems and workers' well-being: a sceptical viewEdoardo Della TorreVol.1 No.17-23Free access