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International Journal of Virtual Technology and Multimedia (IJVTM)

International Journal of Virtual Technology and Multimedia

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Performance evaluation of WWW conference system for supporting remote mental healthcare educationKaoru Sugita, Noriki Uchida, Giuseppe De Marco, Leonard Barolli, Arjan DurresiVol.1 No.175-93Free access
Mobile multimedia object management for efficient content search and exchangeC.H.C. Leung, T.L.Y. LeungVol.1 No.161-74Free access
Fast and robust object-extraction framework for object-based streaming systemAshraf M.A. Ahmad, Suh-Yin LeeVol.1 No.139-60Free access
Semantic Segmentation Tree for image content representationRuba Al-Haj, Zaher Al AghbariVol.1 No.123-38Free access
New fair QoS-based charging solution for mobile multimedia streamsZsolt Butyka, Tamas Jursonovics, Sandor ImreVol.1 No.13-22Free access