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International Journal of Vehicle Performance (IJVP)

International Journal of Vehicle Performance

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Performance improvement of passive suspension of vehicles using position dependent dampingChandrashekhar S. Dharankar; Mahesh Kumar Hada; Sunil ChandelVol.4 No.189-111Free access
Comfort analysis on anti-lock braking system based on high-speed switch valveLiangyao Yu; Lei ZhangVol.4 No.174-88Free access
Advanced control techniques for unmanned ground vehicle: literature surveyAmr Mohamed; Moustafa El-Gindy; Jing RenVol.4 No.146-73Free access
Optimisation design for drum-shaped dual-curvature glassGao Dawei; Shang Yichen; Gao YunkaiVol.4 No.136-45Free access
The software development for calculating the closing energy of automotive side swing door based on Microsoft excelYingjun Li; Gangan Ma; Yunkai Gao; Shanshan WangVol.4 No.115-35Free access
Optimal path planning for unmanned ground vehicles using potential field method and optimal control methodAmr Mohamed; Jing Ren; Alhossein M. Sharaf; Moustafa EI-GindyVol.4 No.11-14Free access