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International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems (IJVICS)

International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A multi-broadcast communication system for high dynamic vehicular ad-hoc networksAndreas Lehner; Cristina Rico-García; Thomas StrangVol.2 No.3/4286-302Free access
Complexity and performance analysis of modulation schemes for TEDSRafi us Shan; Bahram Honary; Hassan Ahmed; David Lund; Michael DarnellVol.2 No.3/4269-285Free access
Intra-vehicular verification and control: a two-pronged approachAtif Alvi; Zubair Nabi; David J. Greaves; Rashid MehmoodVol.2 No.3/4248-268Free access
Modelling R2V communications: description, analysis and challengesSyed Faraz Hasan; Nazmul H. SiddiqueVol.2 No.3/4232-247Free access
Hybrid vehicular communications based on V2V-V2I protocol switchingAnna Maria Vegni; Thomas D.C. LittleVol.2 No.3/4213-231Free access
Design of a safety-critical geocast API for vehicular coordinationMarco Slot; Mélanie Bouroche; Vinny CahillVol.2 No.3/4193-212Free access
A timer-based intelligent flooding scheme for VANETsGiovanni Ciccarese; Mario De Blasi; Pierluigi Marra; Cosimo PalazzoVol.2 No.3/4177-192Free access
Cooperative multichannel management in IEEE 802.11p/WAVE vehicular ad hoc networksClaudia Campolo; Antonella MolinaroVol.2 No.3/4147-176Free access