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International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems (IJVICS)

International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Assessing the performance of different TCP congestion mechanisms in underwater wireless sensor networksHajar Bennouri; Amine A. BerqiaVol.5 No.1119-136Free access
Prediction and avoidance of real-time traffic congestion system for Indian metropolitan citiesMayank Singh; Viranjay M. SrivastavaVol.5 No.1109-118Free access
A conceptual framework and architecture for m-governanceShailendra Mishra; Mayank SinghVol.5 No.190-108Free access
A stable link connectivity-based data communication through neighbour node using traffic-less path in MANETS. Sankar Ganesh; G. RaviVol.5 No.172-89Free access
DESR: Differential evolutionary secure routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networksShashi Prabha; Raghav YadavVol.5 No.155-71Free access
Enhanced cluster-based stable path for load balancing and reducing overhead using artificial bee colony in MANETsRamadass Sundar; Ayyaswamy KathirvelVol.5 No.141-54Free access
Queue size estimation of nodes in a heterogeneous ocean network with multiple priority trafficS. Simi; Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh; P.V. UshakumariVol.5 No.126-40Free access
Reconfigurable hardware architecture of public key crypto processor for VANET and wireless sensor nodesG. Leelavathi; K. Shaila; K.R. VenugopalVol.5 No.111-25Free access
QoS-based routing for free space optical mobile ad hoc networksSalma Fauzia; Kaleem FatimaVol.5 No.11-10Free access