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International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems (IJVICS)

International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An automatic moving vehicle detection system based on hypothesis generation and verification in a traffic surveillance systemJ.A. Smitha; N. RajkumarVol.8 No.1/2170-188Free access
Research on the interactive design of electric vehicle interior based on voice sensing and visual imageryTao Ba; Shan Li; Ying Gao; Diyuan TanVol.8 No.1/2152-169Free access
Research on primary traffic congestion point identification method based on fuzzy logicHaitao Guo; Lunhui XuVol.8 No.1/2135-151Free access
Research on pattern recognition of automobile anti-lock braking systemJiangang LiVol.8 No.1/2119-134Free access
Application of model predictive control on metro train scheduling problemsIsna Silvia; Salmah; Ari SuparwantoVol.8 No.1/2103-118Free access
Research on the application of multiple target cluster intelligent algorithm in the design of door-to-door carriage of cargoes in railway carriage enterprisesXiumiao Liu; Wei ShiVol.8 No.1/285-102Free access
Research on automatic early warning of UAV attitude abnormal state based on MEMS sensorXiaoqiang WangVol.8 No.1/266-84Free access
Vehicle parallel integrated control strategy based on coordinated SAS and ABSYayu QiuVol.8 No.1/250-65Free access
Real-time load balancing and dynamic profile management in mobile data networksAjay Dureja; Aman Dureja; Suman; Payal PahwaVol.8 No.1/233-49Free access
Route forecasting-based authentication scheme using A* algorithm in vehicular communication networkVartika Agarwal; Sachin Sharma; Gagan BansalVol.8 No.1/216-32Free access
Automatic control method of automobile steering-by-wire based on fuzzy PIDLinghan Meng; Caifeng SunVol.8 No.1/21-15Free access