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International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (IJTEL)

International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Designing an interactive educational software involving children as design partnersZamratul Asyikin Amran; Azlina Ahmad; Norshita Mat NayanVol.13 No.1107-120Free access
Developing a student attendance app using QR codes: educational and practical considerationsSami Shaban; Mohi Eldin Magzoub; Margaret Elzubeir; Omar Hilal Shaban; Ahmed R. Alsuwaidi; Mohammed Al-Houqani; Alsajir Basheer; Zeeshan Noor Mohammed; Widad El-Jaily; Ahmed Fathy Abdellatif MohamedVol.13 No.192-106Free access
Academics' views of adaptive e-learning technology in a South African universityAnass BayagaVol.13 No.178-91Free access
Educational technology in Abu Dhabi public schools: teaching with interactive whiteboards (IWBs)Olga SamsonovaVol.13 No.160-77Free access
Seamless teaching and ubiquitous learning: an e-solution to the delivery of technology-infused lessonsImed Louhichi; Paul Noel; Rashid Emoron; Dalel AlouaniVol.13 No.144-59Free access
Vodcasting tasks in online L2 classes: investigating the potentials and challenges in distance language learningSajad Faramarzi; Hossein Heidari Tabrizi; Azizeh ChalakVol.13 No.124-43Free access
Integrating emotional attachment, resource sharing, communication and collaboration into UTAUT2 to examine students' behavioural intention to adopt social media networks in educationAli Tarhini; Ali Abdallah Alalwan; Dongmei Cao; Nabeel Al-QirimVol.13 No.11-23Free access