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International Journal of Services Technology and Management (IJSTM)

International Journal of Services Technology and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
IT governance from the operational perspective - a study of IT governance strategies applied within maintenance managementMirka KansVol.24 No.1/2/3263-288Free access
Application of project quality management to increase the successful rate of car project: a case study in ChinaNa CaoVol.24 No.1/2/3246-262Free access
Design and development of multi-tenant web frameworkSivakumar Kuppusamy; Devi Thirupathi; Vivekanandan KaniappanVol.24 No.1/2/3230-245Free access
The construction and application of a standard system of in-home aged-care community service - based on an empirical analysis of ShaanxiZehao Zhang; Min Tang; Kun LanVol.24 No.1/2/3208-229Free access
What influence the choice of host country in Chinese firm cross-border M&As on culture distance, institution and taxXiangfei Fu; Yongmei Cui; Vicenc Fernandez; Yan ZhaoVol.24 No.1/2/3195-207Free access
The impact and spatial difference of agricultural producer services industry on agricultural development: an empirical analysis based on provincial panel dataJunjuan Du; Yaokuang LiVol.24 No.1/2/3173-194Free access
How does dynamic capability affect logistics service integrator's growth performanceWei Liu; Ling Sun; Wenjuan Li; Hanwen ZhangVol.24 No.1/2/3151-172Free access
How the LSSC networks affect the growth of logistics service integratorWei Liu; Juanjuan Song; Xiang Xia; Wenjuan LiVol.24 No.1/2/3135-150Free access
The mediating role of mental health in the relationship between psychological capital and job burnout: an exploratory studyXiaolun Cai; Long YeVol.24 No.1/2/3119-134Free access
An investigation of the relationship between workplace practices and firm performance: evidence from hotel industry, ChinaMuhammad Waseem Bari; Meng Fanchen; Muhammad Awais BalochVol.24 No.1/2/3101-118Free access
Dual commitment to company and union: a latent profile analysisXiangrong Xu; Enhua HuVol.24 No.1/2/381-100Free access
Impact of mentoring relationship on career satisfaction of young college teachers - the moderating effect of the type of mentoring relationship and the gender of menteeRuijian Liu; Long Ye; Ming GuoVol.24 No.1/2/362-80Free access
Effects of organisational learning on service innovation performance: the mediating effect of supply chain collaboration and the moderating role of interpersonal trustMin Li; Zhaoquan Jian; Lei Li; Thomas Kwan-Ho YeungVol.24 No.1/2/343-61Free access
A two-period pricing model for perishable itemsXing Wang; Bofeng Yu; Shuzhi ZhaoVol.24 No.1/2/330-42Free access
Building supply chain quality management theory from case study in ChinaHaiju Hu; Xiande ZhaoVol.24 No.1/2/34-29Free access