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International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management (IJSSM)

International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
How to institutionalise language change in management accounting: the influence of acceptance and belief in the case of 'value creation accounting'Philipp HummelVol.9 No.163-86Free access
How to develop a corporate social responsibility strategySarah Margaretha Jastram; Zara BerberyanVol.9 No.151-62Free access
The impact of dynamic capabilities on competitive advantage: an empirical study of firms in the customs clearing and freight forwarding industry in ZimbabweTrust MutsvangaVol.9 No.134-50Free access
Economic growth strategy: an empirical analysis of the determinants of the private saving rate in LebanonRoy Joseph Khoueiri; Elie Menassa; Joe Tanos Chahine; Elie Shahda ShahdaVol.9 No.117-33Free access
The opaqueness conundrum in fast fashion global supply chains: the irony of hiding what we are trying to findWilliam Rick Crandall; John A. ParnellVol.9 No.11-16Free access