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International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management (IJSSM)

International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Transformational leadership style and social responsibility of employees in economic corporations: a study on Sarmayeh Bank of IranYashar Salamzadeh; Maryam Kianmanesh; Taghi VahidiVol.7 No.1/2186-203Free access
Corporate board diversity, corporate social responsibility and financial performance: the case of Malaysian public listed companiesCheong Shy Yng; Fathyah HashimVol.7 No.1/2172-185Free access
Is a risk management committee essential in moderating the relationship between corporate governance and sustainability disclosure?Yuvaraj Ganesan; Vigneswary Poongan; Hasnah HaronVol.7 No.1/2152-171Free access
The roles of uncertainty avoidance and strategic agility in cloud storage adoption among multinational manufacturing companies in MalaysiaVivegananthan Supramaniam; Ai Ping TeohVol.7 No.1/2131-151Free access
How green marketing mix strategies affects the firm's performance: a Malaysian perspectiveWan-Har Goh; Yen-Nee Goh; Shaizatulaqma Kamalul Ariffin; Yashar SalamzadehVol.7 No.1/2113-130Free access
Green supply chain management: impact on environmental performance and firm competitivenessCheng Ling Tan; Suhaiza Hanim Mohd. Zailani; Sieow Chin Tan; Sook Fern YeoVol.7 No.1/291-112Free access
The theory of planned behaviour and transformational leadership: an examination of corporate philanthropy among SMEs in MalaysiaSim GaikLan; Siti Rohaida Mohamed Zainal; Azlan AmranVol.7 No.1/267-90Free access
Antecedents and outcomes of climate change performance: an investigation of Malaysian businessesSay Keat Ooi; Jasmine A.L. Yeap; Simin Goh; Ze Lin LaiVol.7 No.1/249-66Free access
Managing stakeholders' demand through environmental management accounting: the case of seaportsStephanie Phang; A.K. Siti-Nabiha; Dayana JalaludinVol.7 No.1/227-48Free access
Firms' sustainable practice research in developing countries: mapping the cited literature by bibliometric analysis approachN. Norfarah; S. Mohd Ali; A.K. Siti-Nabiha; Nader Ale EbrahimVol.7 No.1/25-26Free access