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International Journal of Services and Operations Management (IJSOM)

International Journal of Services and Operations Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Modelling the drilling crew induced process disruption factors using an ISM – MICMAC approachGowri Rajagopal; Raju RamasamyVol.35 No.1115-135Free access
An effective model and algorithm for two-stage assembly flow shop problemsMina Mahabadpour; Bahman Naderi; Mohammad MohammadiVol.35 No.1100-114Free access
Work life balance of women labours in Tannery Industry – a comparative empirical studyS. Prithi; A. VasumathiVol.35 No.178-99Free access
Impact of consumer education and knowledge on purchase intentions within services industry: a study of symbiotic analysis in MexicoRajagopal; Ananya RajagopalVol.35 No.158-77Free access
Carsharing customer demand forecasting using causal, time series and neural network methods: a case studyElnaz Moein; Anjali AwasthiVol.35 No.136-57Free access
Waste management by application of quality control tools in the manufacturing industry – a case studyJagdeep Singh; Harwinder Singh; Deepinder Singh; Vinod KumarVol.35 No.112-35Free access
A neural networks model for green supplier selectionHansa Lysander Manohar; R. Ganesh KumarVol.35 No.11-11Free access