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International Journal of Services and Operations Management (IJSOM)

International Journal of Services and Operations Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The execution of worker layoff disputes verdicts at the industrial relationship courts in IndonesiaNeni Vesna Madjid; Saldi Isra; Kurnia Warman; Mardenis; Hilaire TegnanVol.44 No.1136-148Free access
Role of artificial intelligence in the enabling sustainable supply chain management during COVID-19Muhammad Usman TariqVol.44 No.1115-135Free access
Managing a green supply chain: role of communication, collaboration, learning and trustSundus Chishti; Salma AhmedVol.44 No.193-114Free access
Evaluation of key enablers of green supply chain management in Indian manufacturing industries: a fuzzy approachKaibalya Nayak; Deepak Singhal; Sushanta Tripathy; Biswajit MohapatraVol.44 No.162-92Free access
A strategic assessment and evaluation of the major factors behind the high failure rate of many restaurants in the city of Beirut-LebanonLaurent B. Yacoub; Atef H. HarbVol.44 No.143-61Free access
Railway construction project risk assessment techniques: systematic literature reviewTesfaye Gashaw; Kassu JilchaVol.44 No.121-42Free access
Relationship between downsizing and organisational performance: serial mediation effect of employee morale and tolerance to ambiguityG.N. Sumathi; I.S. Stephan ThangaiahVol.44 No.11-20Free access