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International Journal of Services, Economics and Management (IJSEM)

International Journal of Services, Economics and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Requirements analysis of customer service recovery system in hospitality industry using fuzzy DEMATEL and ANPAmir Mohammad Fakoor Saghih; Bahare Sabzevari BidokhtiVol.14 No.1108-132Free access
Contributory role of innovative capabilities in Malaysian small and medium enterprises performanceR. Ganesh; A. HaslindaVol.14 No.178-107Free access
Examining the trends in citizen satisfaction towards e-government services in United Arab Emirates: a structural equation modelling approachTareq Alblooshi; Moer Azli; Mohd Faiz Hilmi; Anas Abudaqa; Gouher AhmedVol.14 No.158-77Free access
Influence of personalisation and hedonic motivation on repurchase intention: the mediating role of customer experience and loyaltyGhasem Bakhshandeh; Sajad Sharifi; Sayed Mohammad RezaeiVol.14 No.142-57Free access
Customer satisfaction, behavioural and pay more intentions: a study on Indian Dhabas (roadside full-service restaurants)Pankaj Kumar; Pardeep K. Ahlawat; Parveen Kumar; Jitender KumarVol.14 No.120-41Free access
Factors affecting customers' satisfaction in e-commerce marketplace during COVID-19 pandemic: developing market contextMd Samim Al-Azad; Mohammad Harun-or-RashidVol.14 No.11-19Free access