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International Journal of Sustainable Economy (IJSE)

International Journal of Sustainable Economy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A real options approach to measuring freedom in Sen's capabilities approachSovan MitraVol.14 No.198-110Free access
Corporate social responsibility and brand equity of operating telecoms: brand reputation as a mediating effectAlaeddin Mohammad Khalaf Ahmad; Mira Hashem Abu Shattal; Leila A. Rawashdeh; Jassim Ghasawneh; Nawras NusairatVol.14 No.178-97Free access
Deprivation and subjective well-being: implication on healthAkinwumi Sharimakin; Johnson Sunday OjewumiVol.14 No.155-77Free access
Assessment of the digital transformation impact on regional sustainable development: the case study in RussiaTatyana Mirolyubova; Ekaterina VoronchikhinaVol.14 No.124-54Free access
Public infrastructure investment and private investment in East African community: crowding-in or crowding-out?James Ochieng Babu; Daniel Abala; Mary MbithiVol.14 No.11-23Free access