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International Journal of Sustainable Economy (IJSE)

International Journal of Sustainable Economy

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design orientation as a source of sustainable company performanceAleksandra Selinšek; Sanja Rocco; Borut MilfelnerVol.13 No.187-106Free access
Credit access and the performance of non-farm household enterprises: evidence from Nigerian dataObed I. Ojonta; Jonathan E. OgbuaborVol.13 No.172-86Free access
International credit rating agencies in Africa: perceptions, trends and challengesMisheck Mutize; McBride Peter NkhalambaVol.13 No.155-71Free access
The impact of risk indicators on sustainability (ESG) and broad-based indices: an empirical analysis from Germany, France, Indonesia and TurkeyHüseyin Öcal; Anton Abdulbasah KamilVol.13 No.118-54Free access
Innovation and competitiveness in the European Union countriesMilja Marčeta; Štefan BojnecVol.13 No.11-17Free access