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International Journal of System Control and Information Processing (IJSCIP)

International Journal of System Control and Information Processing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Graphical design for stability of linear active disturbance rejection control to first order time delay plantsRuiguang Yang; Mingwei Sun; Zengqiang ChenVol.1 No.1118-130Free access
Influence of network connection and synchronisation for Hindmarsh-Rose modelQiuju Jia; Zengqiang ChenVol.1 No.1105-117Free access
Improved stabilisation design for networked control systems with compound Markovian transition probabilitiesGuotao Hui; Yisheng Liu; Yingchun WangVol.1 No.189-104Free access
Monitoring and modelling of the effects of process settings and screw geometry on melt pressure generation in polymer extrusionChamil Abeykoon; Kang Li; Peter J. Martin; Adrian L. KellyVol.1 No.171-88Free access
Topological model and analysis of the P2P BitTorrent protocolLing Zhong; Maria Kihl; Xiaofan WangVol.1 No.154-70Free access
Design of PID controllers for dead-time systems using hybrid biogeography based optimisationG. Kanthaswamy; Jovitha JeromeVol.1 No.129-53Free access
Rational swarm for global optimisationChenyang Li; Alfredo GarciaVol.1 No.13-28Free access