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International Journal of Reliability and Safety (IJRS)

International Journal of Reliability and Safety

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Reliability analysis by Markov model and stochastic estimator of stochastic Petri netsHamid El-Moumen; Nabil El Akchioui; Mohammed Hassani ZerroukVol.16 No.1/2110-123Free access
Reliability assignment of a heavy-duty CNC machine tool spindle system based on fault tree analysisHongxia Chen; Junfeng Zhang; Chenguang Li; Jihua Wang; Chuncheng GuoVol.16 No.1/287-109Free access
Availability assessment of repairable Markov systems with an uncertain inspection period incorporating (M/M/s): (∞/FCFS) queueAmisha Khati; Neelam Chantola; S.B. SinghVol.16 No.1/274-86Free access
Performance of batch service queue model with second optional service, repairable breakdown and standby serverP. Vijaya Laxmi; Andwilile Abrahamu George; Hasan Abdulkader QrewiVol.16 No.1/246-73Free access
Blast resistance prediction of clay brick masonry wall strengthened with steel wire mesh, and C-FRP laminate under explosion loading: a finite element analysisMohd Shariq; S.M. Anas; Mehtab AlamVol.16 No.1/227-45Free access
Post COVID-19 electrical load shedding on Cameroon's northern interconnected grid: causes, safety impact and solution proposalsBouba Oumarou Aboubakar; Hong Xia Li; Ahmadou Bouba OumarouVol.16 No.1/21-26Free access